4 ways to Elegant Fashion Wear

We the Indian females love to dress up elegantly because it brings out our feminine side. We are gifted with the features blended from our Asian and Caucasian counterparts.

Though we still love jeans and skirts but our love for sarees and suits is beyond limits. Plus now we have learned how to mix and match Indian and western wear with our Kurti and Jeans fashion.  The best part about the Indian Ethic Wear is that they are so colorful.

Our elegant ethnic wear can broadly be classified into the following categories:

  • Saree – Usually pronounced as Saree or Sari is the first thing that crosses our mind when we think about the Elegant Fashion Wear. It’s a 5-9 meter of cloth which is draped around the body and is paired with blouse and petticoat. No matter what state or culture you belong to , saree has to be your favourite Elegant Fashion Wear. We have different draping styles like the Bengali style, Lehange Saree draping style, Maharrashtrian saree draping style, mermaid saree draping style , butterfly saree draping style and Rajrani Saree draping style and Mumtaz saree draping style.
  • Lehanga Choli – It’s second most popular Indian Elegant Fashion Wear. Also called as Ghagra Choli in some states. This clothing comprises of two components: One is the upper crop top or blouse and the second is the long skirt beneath it. Dupatta companises the Lehanga and is draped beautifully along the waist and shoulder. This clothing is more popular in the Northern part of India. The ladies love the embroirdery patterns done on the lehangas. Though some prefer light handwork while other love heavy gotta work. Lehanga Choli can be worn on weddings and also on various Indian Festivals.
  • Kurti – In my humble opinion , the kurti and leggings which we usually love to wear can be easily compared to the traditional western wear T-shirt and Jeans. A Kurti is simply a top or Tshirt and it is just long enough to cover the knees. Though there are different styles available like short kurtis or long kurtis. Wearing a dupatta is not mandatory. It totally depends on one’s preferences. The young girls of India prefer wearing a Kurti with Jeans. There are different patterns and designs available in the market to choose from.
  • Salwar Kameez- It is also the “Punjabi Suit” since the Punjabi ladies are more fond of wearing them. It comprises a long top and a trouser accompanied with it. Though there are different variations of trousers available in the market: the churidar, the Patiala , Palazzo and the elegant salwaar. One can choose them according to their taste and bodytype.

Top 5 Reasons to Chic Up in Fashionable Vintage Shoes

Top 5 Reasons to Chic Up in Fashionable Vintage Shoes

Do you think that the vintage shoes are outdated? If so, it is high time to rediscover the charisma of the fashionable shoes in 1950 and their voguish appeal when you pair them right with your apparels. This class of shoes has more variations in designs and types than people generally assume. The changing trends in modern styling have incorporated freshness to these shoes.

  1. Experimenting with Different Colors

While the traditional vintage footwear items for women were generally in black and brown, the generation next designers have gone far to bring in rich shades, soft colors and of course the neutrals to widen the room for pairing them with different dressing patterns. Today you can find women vintage shoes in cream, beige, vibrant yellow, maroon, claret suede, bronze burgundy and much more. Even for the regular black and brown shoes, you can select from a wide range of shades, combinations unlike ancient times.

  1. Great Protection for Your Feet

One of the greatest qualities of footwear with vintage designs is that they mostly keep your feet covered especially near the heels. Whether you are wearing very high and pointed heels, the covering protects your feet from hurts, dirt and tanning. During the winters, the breathable high quality vintage shoes guard your feet against dryness and freezing to keep you warm and comfortable.

  1. Varying Boot Lengths to Compliment the Perfect Style Statement

The long gowns and coats were highly common during the 1950s retro style dressing. Today women prefer to go with varying lengths from micro short dresses to long ones, jeggings, denims etc. Depending on the climatic conditions, the occasion, and your dress pattern you can choose to go with vintage boots from knee high lengths, ankle length pairs and much more. You can go with different contrasts to your dress to make an appealing statement.

  1. Casual to Formal the Vintage Footwear are for Every Occasion

The modern shoe designers go with fusion styling to bring in maximum variety of shoe lengths, patterns and much more. Today you can go with casual peep toe shoes to fully covered shoes single colored pairs for formal events. There are bold velvet shoes, T-strap shoes and laced boots so that you can pick your favorite vintage footwear model depending on the occasion.

  1. Quality Assurance amd Greater Durability

It is pretty easy to find women vintage shoes from online sellers. Simply choose your size at the product will reach your doorstep. These shoes are affordable and have the ultimate sheen in appearance. Apart from the visible appeal, these shoes last longer to give you the best value for the money. To get utmost peace of mind, choose an online brand with great repute in selling quality assured products.

Some Parting Words,

Choosing the right pair of shoes with the attire is not a tough job at all. It is always essential to pick up the pairs according to the dressing and occasion. The vintage collection from contemporary designer collections opens ample choices to go for flats, high heels, wedges, saddle shoes and much more. These high quality breathable shoes are for all women, all seasons and events. You can actually go for a wardrobe collection of vintage shoes pairing them with modish dresses.

Why Every Woman Needs to Design Their Own Shoes

Why Every Woman Needs to Design Their Own Shoes

Every fashionista wants to set a trend. We all want to own the best style on the streets, so it can be a little frustrating when we spot someone wearing the same outfit or shoes. If you really want to stand out from the crowd, you can take your personal style into your own hands by designing footwear with FSJ Shoes.

Show Your Personality

Shoes reflect a personality. Whether they are bright and bold or simple and elegant, they show the world who you are and what you’re about. If you love shoes more than Carrie Bradshaw, you would have to be crazy not to customize your boots, flats or heels, so you can set trends people didn’t even know could be set.

Be the Belle of the Ball

There’s nothing worse than finding a dream dress but you’re unable to find the shoes to match. You can search online, in store and your closet and there’s just nothing to complement an outfit. However, you can be the belle of the ball with FSJ Shoes.’s customization service, as you can control every aspect of the design process, with the perfect pair making their way to you as soon as possible. With shoes this fabulous, Cinderella will most definitely want to leave her glass slippers at home.

Completely Customize Your Boots

While a pair of boots might look great on one person, they might not suit another’s leg shape or height. However, you can customize boots to ensure they fit your thigh circumference and calf width, so they will look great on you and only you.

However, it’s not just knee high boots you can design yourself, as you have the option to create your very own ankle boots in a desired shade. If you are tired of black boots filling up your closet, you can add a burst of color with a brighter design, so every street becomes your very own catwalk. Plus, when people ask where you bought those beautiful shoes, you can say “I designed them myself”.

Wonderful Wedding Shoes

You will undoubtedly want your wedding day to be unique and memorable for all the right reasons. Once you have found the perfect wedding dress, it is time to find the perfect shoes, right? Well, FSJ Shoes can ensure you have shoes fit for your dream day, listening to your every requirement to create a design you will love almost as much as your husband-to-be.

Option 1: Full Customization Service

Do you have the perfect shoe design in mind but can’t find it in store or online? Well, the dream could soon become a reality with FSJ Shoes.’ full customization service. The buyer can upload any image of shoes, requesting every aspect of a shoe’s customization, from design to size. You also won’t have to wait long to hear about your order, as you will receive a response within 24 hours.

Option 2: Partial Customization

If you’re struggling to find the ideal shoes for an outfit, the partial customization service will be right up your street. The new customization service allows a fashion-forward shopper to design every aspect of their footwear, from color and size to heel height and materials.

The design process will be determined by the complexity of the design and the demand for the service. However, FSJ Shoes. aim to create and deliver your shoes within 7 business days, allowing 2-5 days for shipping of the fabulous footwear. However, for those who want to blow all other footwear trends out the water sooner rather than later, you could always opt for the handy 10 days’ arrival guarantee – ideal if you have an important upcoming event, such as a wedding.

How to Order

For one-of-a-kind heels or boots, simply submit your shoe requirement and you will receive a quotation. Once you’re happy, you can confirm with the shoes completed photo and we’ll deliver the customized footwear to your home. It couldn’t be simpler!

Worldwide Delivery

Style knows no bounds, so it makes sense that we can create heels or boots for anyone, anywhere. Whether you live in the US, reside in a beautiful apartment in Paris or are enjoying life in Australia, you can design a stunning pair of shoes for worldwide delivery.

With custom-made shoes, you don’t have to join in on a trend; you can lead while others follow.