These 7 Ways To Make You A Reading Habit

By | June 19, 2017

The Word “Knowledge is Power” , and it is very difficult to build reading, but it is worth it, isn’t it? The establishment of a habit is time, but there is a way that, once you build the habit of reading, your expertise will be built faster and more quickly.


  1. Pre-sleep fixed arrangement for an hour read


People are lazy, but habits can help us overcome laziness, and research shows that once you develop some kind of habit, it will not be used to all of a sudden. As a result, it would be better to have an hour to read every night before bed and preferably fixed hours, for example, from 11 pm to 12 pm.


  1. A month, a fixed investment book.


If you already have a job, may wish to take thousands of dollars a month to buy books, such as every month to spend three thousand to buy books, books once bought with their own money, there will be a kind of must read the feeling, After all, is hard earned by their own. Buying books is one of the best ways to learn, do not mean to spend a little money every month to buy a few books to see, it will be the most worthwhile investment.

  1. Looking for friends to supervise and study group


The other way to overcome the inert is to find a friend to monitor each other, after all, everyone needs some mutual support friends and competitors, looking for a few friends to form a book to be a good way.


  1. Up to an hour early to read


If you have to read an hour before you can read the same, it’s an hour early to read the same thing, if you don’t read the habit not to read at night, then you According to the study, many successful people are morning-type people, while at the same time, the time is relatively easy to focus.


” every morning when you wake up is the alarm clock or dream?” a large number of studies show that a daily habit is easier to succeed.


  1. Noon Take 20 minutes to rest, keep your energy


The study shows that at noon, it will be more spiritual in the evening. If you are the office, the noon time will have to make yourself rest for minutes and will be read more in the evening. In addition, there will be a more spiritual work in the afternoon.


  1. Subscription Magazine, every week, there’s something to read.


The best advantage of subscription magazine is forced to read, such as weekly mail to your home, so you don’t read it, so if you don’t have to buy books, or always wait until you have more time to buy a book. Look at the thought, then subscribe to the magazine, and there’s no excuse for not reading.


7.Get started with a book of interest


Many people are unable to create a reading habit, and the real reason is not that they don’t like to read, but don’t find their own areas and directions, if it is the interest of yourself, for example site As a result, it may be useful to start with your own interest, first you know what you like, start buying books from your own favorite fields, and not for no purpose.

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