Solar Power in Rajasthan is Now a Close Reality

By | February 20, 2017

The solar energy sector is being rephrased now: as a viable alternative to conventional source of energy. Our huge dependency on coal and diesel not only pollutes our environment; but is now a limited option too. Therefore, the present government has been pushing respective state governments to increase its solar power capacity. It also supports the ambition of the present government to achieve 100% electrification in India. Renewable energy projects are being launched, to bring compatibility in our day to day lives.

Solar panel for home is, now a more affordable dream for residents in Rajasthan. The earlier move by the state government, to exempt electricity duty of 40 paise per unit, is significant to boost the solar power in Rajasthan. The government is targeting to reach a total capacity of 2300 MW in renewable energy in Rajasthan. This figure is exemplary, as this capacity will be achieved for rooftop solar capacity by 2022.

This measure is expected to boost solar panel installation, paving way for many solar companies in Rajasthan. People who are keen to install solar system for home, can seek support from different solar panel power manufacturers in Rajasthan. There will be more solar panels for sale available now. In addition, these solar panel companies will now be offering long-term guarantee and easy maintenance on the product. A sun home lighting system (with inverter) has a warranty period of 5 years. It uses batteries which require no maintenance, and come with a warranty too.

The whole effort by the state government is expected to boost the consumer sentiment. People will be keen to have solar panel installation, as they will now be required to pay less power bill. They will also do their bit to maintain a healthy physical environment, by choosing to go-green.

The installation cost can be high, so it is important to estimate your needs before you choose a system. A typical solar system is good for running lights, fans, TV, and other low-load requirements. You can choose to install solar water heaters and air conditioners separately. Yet, if you do a comparison of solar rooftop unit cost, it is cheaper than installing diesel generator sets. It can be used for power back in large apartments, for example.

A study released by CSE reveals that the cost of power generation from a DG set, including the capital cost, is Rs 27-33 per unit, compared to rooftop solar tariff of Rs 10 per unit. Though most consumers perceive solar power to be expensive, prices of panels have fallen sharply in the past few years, thus bringing down the cost of rooftop projects.

Solar power in Rajasthan at present has a rooftop capacity of 47 MW. The state government has given an additional incentive of net-metering. Under this policy, the consumer is required to use and pay for the power they require. The surplus power generated through the solar plant can be fed into the company’s (discom provider) grid.

On the same account, Rajasthan is facing a worrisome situation, as it has not been able to achieve on Centre’s order. The Central government has directed to install rooftop solar plants in all government buildings in the state. This order is in view to curb electricity expenses, and maintain a clean environment. However, the installation cost has acted as a deterrent so far. The solar panel cost is high. The average cost will be Rs 30 per watt. Considering that a government building will require high watts, the cost of running a rooftop panel in government buildings can be expensive.

Source: Solar Power in Rajasthan is Now a Close Reality

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