Internet of Things for Dummies

The surreal way in which the extraterrestrial beings in the movie Avatar can connect and talk to animals and trees around them and also establish contact with their ancestors will become a reality on earth soon. Through the Internet of Things (IoT), we too will be able to communicate with every physical thing around us… Read More »

London Attack: Police identify 2 of 3 killers

British police have identified two of the three men who were behind the terrorist attack in London on Saturday night as – Khuram Shazad Butt (27) and Rachid Redouane (30). According to the reports, Butt was known to authorities, while Redouane was not. “There was no intelligence to suggest that this attack was being planned… Read More »

India’s Arjun tanks to debut at International Army Games 2017

This year marks the third edition of the games which will be held between July 29 and August 12 in Russia, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and China. The 2017 edition of the games is also set to feature several new entrants – Syria, Israel, South Africa, Uzbekistan, Fiji, Uganda and Laos. So far, 28 countries have… Read More »

China Faces a Jolt as Russia Bans WeChat

In the contemporary situation, the world is full of surrounded by the technology and it will lead to achieving our desired task very easily. As the technological improvement, we can have an option to chat or communicate with the other people in the world. WeChat is one of those technologies which are performing the process… Read More »

GST rates of most items finalised, foodgrain to get cheaper

The Goods and Services Tax (GST) council on Thursday finalised tax rates for 1,211 items. The apex decision making body for the new tax has kept a majority of the items under the 18% slab. Prices of most items of mass consumption are likely to fall significantly due to lower tax burden under GST. Foodgrains,… Read More »

Mardi Himal Trek

The Mardi Himal Base Camp Trek is a starting late opened ideal trail in the Annapurna locale of Nepal. The trail was walked just by shepherds and dairy animals before 2012. Trekkers take after the edge over the Modi Khola stream draining Annapurna Base Camp. The trail at first winds through thick rhododendron and maple… Read More »

How to Prevent Dehydration during Vomiting or Diarrhea

Are you suffering from diarrhea or vomiting? If yes, then they can be the reason for losing more fluid from your body. Dehydration actually occurs when your body does not have the amount of fluid it requires for proper functioning. Serious dehydration can damage your kidneys and can be risky for both children and seniors.… Read More »

Will My Personal Injury Case Settle?

What does a Personal Injury Case mean? A personal injury case is such a case which is related to an accident or injury. A personal injury is a kind of claim which sometimes proves to be stressful. So, rather than continue with it for a long time, get a settlement by hiring the lawyers. But… Read More »

Different Aspects of the Mobile in Web Development Process

Today it has become crucial to come up with a website which will help you survive in this cut-throat market competition. The reason you should get a business site because it serves as an online identity of your organization and helps you in expanding your horizons beyond your native geographical boundaries. It will help your… Read More »