Why Fitbit is the no.1 fitness tracker in the world?

By | August 6, 2017

Fitbit is the no.1

                                                  “Symbol of fitness

Too many people purchase a fitness program, software, video or app and then let it gather dust unused. We think that’s a sad ending to good intentions, and we hoped that was not the case with Fitbit.  So we scoured Twitter for stories from people who actually used their Fitbit. Here’s what we found.


Fitbit One at a Glance

Sign up for your free account on Fitbit.com and register your device Fitbit One and you can get it to sync your data to PCs, Macs, iPhone 4S, the 3rd generation iPad and select Bluetooth 4.0/Bluetooth Smart smartphones.  Your stats will sync automatically, giving you real-time access to all that outstanding data on your Fitbit dashboard.


The Fitbit One

Fitness involves daily activity or exercise, healthy sleep, and eating smarter – and Fitbit One helps you achieve all three.

When you’re awake, it tracks your steps, distance, calories burned, and stairs climbed.  At night, it monitors your sleep to help you see how you can improve your sleep quality and quantity, and it even wakes you in the morning without waking your partner. It also allows you to log food intake, workouts and other activity. You can upload your stats wirelessly to your computer, or select mobile devices.

With this knowledge of your stats, you can set fitness-related goals, and track your progress on a daily basis. This alone can motivate you in a big way.  But Fitbit has other ways to motivate you –by awarding you with badges when you hit goals or connecting with friends for support or friendly competitions.

 Motive as a teacher

Fitbit motivates you in many ways.  Most important is the collection of your data and the analysis of your activity in real time. Nothing is more motivating than when you see how clearly your goal can be achieved. This is the strength of the Fitbit fitness tracker.  You tell your Fitbit the goal you want to achieve, and it will tell you how to get there in steps broken down into daily, even hourly, segments.

Fitbit also organizes social networking among its users.  Now you can see you are not alone in your struggle to lose weight, to stabilize your eating habits, or to get a good night’s rest. The social factor is exploited by the Fitbit community in ways never before seen in the health and fitness industry.

Here are only a few examples of how Fitbit and the Fitbit community can motivate its users to achieve their health goals.



With Fitbit Flex, you’ll be motivated to be on the move! Because it’s worn around your wrist like a bracelet, you’ll be able to track your steps, distance and calories burned AND how close or far you are from your goals for the day with a flick of your wrist. At night, the Flex monitors your sleep cycle and will show you where and how you can improve your sleep quantity and quality. It also wakes you silently in the morning with a silent vibration, which will wake you up gently.


Colors It Comes in

Black and Slate, but you can take the tiny Flex Tracker out and put it into any of Flex’s other colorful bands (sold separately) to match your outfit color and fit your mood.

Fitbit Flex comes to you in Black and Slate wristbands

Fitbit Flex comes to you in Black and Slate wristbands


Fitbit Flex wristband colors Fitbit Flex wristband colors: black, slate, tangerine, teal, navy, violet, lime, and pink



Flex wristband is sold with both small and large wristbands included; there’s no problem with size.

Size A: 5.5 – 6.9 inches (140 – 175 mm) / Size B: 6.3 – 8.2 inches (161 – 209 mm)

Width: 0.6 inches (13.99 mm)

Fitbit Flex wrist bands come in two sizes

Fitbit Flex wrist bands come in two sizes


How do you read your Flex?  Controls and Indicators

Flex uses five white LED indicator lights to show you how your day is stacking up against your goals. Each light represents 20% of your goal. Just tap the display twice to see your progress against your daily goal.


Fitbit Flex displays 5 lights, each representing 20 percent of your goal reached


Bluetooth connectivity

Fitbit’s trackers offer Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, so you see your stats in real-time.  You would need the Fitbit Connect application for this. Fitbit fitness trackers are the first all day activity trackers to offer wireless connectivity.  When you are within about 20 feet of the wireless sync dongle, syncing occurs automatically.  You can then plug the dongle into your Mac or PC’s USB port.



Windows XP/Vista/7/8

USB port

Internet connection

Mac OS X 10.5 and up

USB port


Internet connection

Syncing Flex™ to your smartphone or tablet also requires Bluetooth 4.0, although there is a way of getting around this if your phone doesn’t support Bluetooth.  The Fitbit mobile app works with a wide range of leading iOS and Android Smartphones for logging data, receiving notifications, and viewing graphs and charts based on your last sync.


Battery life

When fully charged Flex battery lasts approximately five days.  The LED lights will indicate its level of charge with all 5 lights lighting up when it’s fully charged. Your dashboard and mobile application will also show your battery life status. It is best to charge your Flex every 3 to 5 days to ensure you are always tracking.

So, in the last word although Fitbit is the most popular brand but I suggest you before buying you must study others few brand. You may use anyone which you like best. No more today. To get further update information just keep on this best waterproof fitness tracker.

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