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Why should you choose a professional to install Home Solar System?

In our previous blog, we described the reasons for which one should install Home Solar System in their home. To reduce cost, however, many choose to install solar panels themselves. But Do-it-Yourself approach to installing Home Solar is not as efficient as it might seem. Always choose a professional to install Rooftop Solar System. Why,… Read More »

How To Use Artificial Intelligence To Growth Hack Real Social Media Engagement?

Do you know the two terms in the above title that are among the most talked topics in recent years? Yes, absolutely they are such big buzzes. One is artificial intelligence and another is social media. The latter has already influenced the world and the former (AI) has just begun to bring revolutionary changes to… Read More »

Prescription Pad – EMR and Clinic Management Software

It is simplest to use Prescription Pad Writing software which consolidate all processes within a practice software such as Electronic Medical Records (EMR), e-Prescription Writing, Drugs Database, Patient Management software, Clinic management software, and more. The software hepls in managing the most hectic day of the week with ease. It perform various tasks such as… Read More »

JioPhone may feature a special version of Whatsapp

The 4G feature phone which already comes bundled with Jio’s own suite of apps is looking to tap Whatsapp’s 200 million user base by including a tailored version of the messaging app Reliance Jio’s 4G feature phone, JioPhone , which was already announced with features not known in other such phones, is making further advancements to… Read More »

Spare parts with the best features available

There is a thing said about opportunities is that, “opportunities never knock your door twice”. Actually we don’t know whether this thing said about opportunities is true or not but we can surely say that if you miss this one, then we don’t think you will get this opportunity again. Oops!Before even informing you about… Read More »


Any company has always dreamed of having its own management software adapted perfectly to its activity and its situation, in summary, to have the customized software. This is perfectly possible and many companies do. So that everything goes well, you have to know 5 things that we will detail below. Software development: check the need… Read More »

Spare parts which are Robust

Nowadays, what everyone here lack in business is the bond of trust, we are mentioning trust here as it is one of the major factor for establishing a good business relation. Spare parts are provided by many of the others but what they might not provide and cannot guarantee you with is the robust nature… Read More »

Business iPad Rent for local exhibitions or press briefing

One World Rentals gives you the opportunity to hire the most affordable iPad Rental. They can be used for all kinds of events at your office, conferences, organizations, training workshops, exhibitions and other events on regular basis or as per your need. The device is quite popular and is one of the finest devices available for… Read More »

Prescription Pad: The best clinic management software in terms of functionality and value for money

If you are looking for a economic and great clinic management solution you should check out Prescription Pad. The software is economic and reasonably priced. Prescription Pad is a clinic management solution that is gaining a lot of popularity in the market because of how great the software is. In terms of functionality it all… Read More »

Prescription Pad Writing Software: Safety Measures

Prescription Pad Writing Software contrive by CompuRx Infotech Pvt. Ltd. is having the ability to check for drug safety at individual disease level like in case of G6PD(40 drugs contraindicated), PORPHYRIA ( 223 drugs contraindicated ), HYPERTENSION, COPD etc. as there are plenty of medicines which are contraindicated in these diverse conditions. The software checks… Read More »