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Send Cakes to Bhopal, Bakery in Bhopal

Bhopal, a city surrounded by lakes is a fine amalgamation of old and new. A place celebrating the diversity of its culture, serves as the capital of Madhya Pradesh.  Be it Eid, Holi, Diwali, Christmas or New Year each occasion is celebrated to the fullest by all. Apart from these birthdays, weddings and anniversaries etc.… Read More »

How to solve a common plumbing problems in home?

Plumbing in your home involves free flow of water through pipes behind the walls and under the floors bringing in fresh water to your house and taking out the waste drain water away from your house. As your home ages, plumbing problems are bound to occur.  It is best to be aware of the common… Read More »

IT support costs

How To Go About Changing IT Support Providers Whatever the reason you’ve decided to change providers for your external IT support, you need to make sure that the transition is smooth and seamless to avoid any gaps in cover. Whether you’ve decided to move because you’ve been offered a better deal by a competitor or… Read More »

BMW Car Parts London

Online dealers are offering BMW car parts within affordable price. For years the dealers are making deals through online mode and provide parts to the customers. Like other commodities purchasing auto spares from online stores is also being popular. You can save your time and money by finding products from the online shops. There has… Read More »

BMW parts distributor U.K

Manufacturing is a process to create a thing through various steps. The product that are manufactured in the factory, need to be checked and examined minutely before presenting it to the consumer market. A product is liked by the customers when it succeeds in meeting the requirements of the customers. The producer must look after… Read More »

Qatar opens Doors for 80 Countries

In a bid to relax its isolation after Saudi Arabia led quartet severed their diplomatic, business and travelling ties, Qatar has introduced a new visa policy on Thursday, allowing citizens of 80 countries, including India, to enter its territory without obtaining prior visa. According to Qatar News Agency, the Ministry of Interior (MoI), Qatar Tourism… Read More »

Satire: Independence Day Memories

Every year, on August 15, we swing to the Red Fort to hear what our pioneer of the day needs to say in regards to opportunity and our future. The addresses are for the most part, as Donald Trump would state, brimming with “flame and fierceness”. Since the first Independence Day, we have heard 13… Read More »

Sports: Law of the Land

S Sreesanth is not the only sportsperson who has approached the courts The issue of laws of the game versus the law of the land has been a long standing debate in sporting circles. It is acceptable that when events in the sporting arena overflow into societal areas, the law of the land can take… Read More »

Botanica Uses Portabella Mushrooms in Only Organic Vitamin D Supplement on the Market

Vitamin D is an important vitamin that you get from the sun, but you can get it from many different sources. With the present focus on work and on-the-go lifestyle, most people are relying on food and supplements to maintain their vitamin D levels. Vitamin D gives our bodies the help it needs to absorb… Read More »

The Last Resort

The expression “Final Resort” has gained another significance on account of political brinkmanship Indian style where state officials from one specific gathering are traveled to a rich, disengaged, five-star depends on forestall them getting poached (or mixed, seared and bubbled) by an adversary party. The Congress has done it this time with its MLAs from… Read More »