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Finding The Right Partner For Corporate Training Programs

Corporate training programs are an essential today. It is needed to motivate your workforce and help them acquire specific skills, needed to do the job more effectively and efficiently. Today, corporate training programs are an integrated part of HR Training and Development programs. It is needed to motivate and groom the employees, for example, to… Read More »

Shiv Khera’s golden rule for success

Your state of mind, your qualities, and your vision frame the blueprint of your prosperity. The sky is the limit to accomplish by psyching oneself with positive reasoning. — These were the useful tidbits by motivational speaker and creator Shiv Khera who was in Chennai as of late. Positive reasoning alone can’t ensure achievement. “It… Read More »


Dance Smith is one of India’s Leading Professional Dance Performance and Production Company. They began  operating in September 2012 as an experimental Dance Troupe, and later got registered in December 2014. The various shows that Dance Smith Organises are categorized as follows : Corporate Shows Wedding Shows Corporate Shows : Under this category  the following… Read More »

Steps To Build Positive Personality By Shiv Khera

Our personality traits define how well we are going to live our life. It is the backbone of our presentation towards the world. A person with positive personality is accepted by the society whereas a person with negative personality is not easily accepted. To be on the safer side it is strictly advised to cultivate… Read More »

Top Schools in the Millennium City Gurgaon

With the dawn of the Millennium, Gurgaon was announced as the millennium city and not just for no reason. Gurgaon holds best in class opportunities for everyone. Has the best amenities and excellent career avenues to children studying in schools-starting from senior secondary schools in Gurgaon to career options in renowned MNCs and other organizations. When… Read More »

Education as Tool of Empowering Specially-abled in India

With the onset of the new century, Education and education for all is new age mantra. It has started increasingly being viewed as a significant and primary mechanism for empowering the marginalized sections and differently-abled people of the population. Education aims not only for individual empowerment and self-sufficiency, but it also cultivates social, physical, mental… Read More »

Factors that Build Trust

Most relationships are trust based relationships. Trust is the link which bridges the gap between two people. Trust can be between student and teacher, employer and employee, Husband and wife, Seller and buyer etc.The key to trust is Integrity. Factors that build Trust are listed below Reliability: if a person is reliable it means he… Read More »

5 tips to plan your way to Good Scores

Each student is different intellectually. There is no generic method to study; one method might not help everyone in studying. The trick is to know yourself well, and identify the method that works best for you, adviced a veteran teacher at one of the best schools in Delhi. While there is already so much pressure… Read More »

How to write a Skills based CV?

A skill based CV focuses on skills and achievements instead of employment history. It is very different from a traditional chronological CV. Skills based CV is best suited when: You have limited or no previous working experience. It is a great choice for students and fresh graduates. You are seeking a new career path or… Read More »

SAP Training in Mumbai

Now students can have a chance of getting SAP training in Mumbai by experienced faculties. If you are finding such courses you may seek an admission in the training center. People have the need of jobs in which they can get satisfaction. Nowadays in every sector, there is a requirement of software and technical tools.… Read More »