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By | January 5, 2018

Why Should You Outsource Your IT Support?

Having an efficient, secure, robust IT system is a necessary part of any successful business, to ensure you can service your customers and operate effectively. Depending on the size of your business, having an in-house IT department might be out of the question, requiring too much money to make it viable.

A solution is to outsource your IT department, using an external IT support team to help your business operate efficiently and effectively. Below we’ve highlighted some of the main benefits of outsourcing your IT department, to help you understand the positive impact it could have on your business.

1. Cost efficiency

IT Support and Outsourcing is cost efficient, saving you money on both your IT servicing costs and your labour costs. Firstly, by outsourcing your IT support, you can effectively budget money towards your IT needs, rather than being impacted by variable costs throughout the month or year, which could affect your cash flow. Using an outsourced IT service, you’ll be able to plan and budget more effectively, to manage the changes in your IT requirements so that they don’t negatively impact your cash flow.

Using an outsourced IT department will also save you labour costs, as you remove the need to hire and train IT staff internally. On top of salaries, there is the cost of training which is a crucial part of a successful IT employee’s ability to fulfil their role. As technologies and software constantly update, you would expect your IT department to keep up with the changes, but this could have huge cost implications for your business. By outsourcing your IT support, you’ll be removing the cost of training and upskilling your employees internally, as your outsourced IT team will attend regular training and development sessions.

2. Expertise

Hiring internal staff to work in your IT department may mean you’ll be limited in the knowledge and expertise you have in house. Using an outsourced IT department means you’ll have access to a range of experience, knowledge and expertise — more than you could expect from an in house employee, unless you’re able to hire a huge IT team. Many IT issues have been dealt with several times over by experienced IT professionals, and, by outsourcing your requirements, you’ll be able to pool their expertise to help solve your issue.

3. Speed is improved

When it comes to implementing new technologies, software, or systems, utilising an outsourced IT department can save you a lot of time compared to if you were to go about updates internally. All the necessary preparatory work can be completed by your outsourced team, causing minimal impact and downtime to your business.

It could take weeks or months to hire the right IT professionals to implement the technology you need, whereas an experienced outsourced IT department is likely to have the expertise in house so that you can implement your updates immediately. Quality outsourced IT departments will save your businesses time and money in the years and variance of experience they have.

4. Efficient resources

By outsourcing your IT support, you will free up your employees to focus on the roles they have been hired into, giving them peace of mind that all their IT requirements are taken care off. It will take the pressure off your management team, as their staff know who to turn to for IT solutions. It also means you can feel reassured that your business is continually operating successfully, as your outsourced team take responsibility for all IT updates.

5. Peace of mind

Utilising outsourced IT departments helps to reduce the risks associated with IT systems, which can be attacked by viruses and malware, affecting your whole business. Your outsourced IT department will take responsibility for regularly updating all your security software, so you have the peace of mind that your information is always protected.

Your outsourced team should also be able to provide you with information regarding changes in IT legislation, including compliance so that you’re always operating within government and industry guidelines. Utilising the expertise of your outsourced IT department, you can pool their expertise as a consultancy service to help advise on how changes within the industry could affect you and your business.

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