Analysis of measuring and monitoring requirements for ISO 9001:2015 Certification in Mumbai?

By | January 5, 2018

Mumbai is one the dream city for every individual which is the capital city of Maharashtra located in southern coastal part of India which is largest city compared to other cities within the state. Mumbai is Secord known city for industrialization varying from the entire industry sector. ISO 9001 Certification in Mumbai is one of popular standard which had been implemented in every Industry irrespective of Company size, turnover, location or profit. The standard has been designed in such a format that it follow the plan do check and act. Analysis and monitoring of your management system comes under check category.

In clause number 9 of the management system you shall find the analysis and monitoring of the system. The terms itself state that it speaking about Internal audit and management review meeting which are the two tools used for analysis and measurements. As the standard requirement you are supposed to undergo the IA once in a year along with management review meeting. But as best practices you should undergo twice a year to make your system more strong.

The standard states that you have to identify the competent individual who has to be trained in order to perform the IA within the organization against the standard requirement. Once team has been identified and is ready you are supposed to book the calendar for the year to undergo the IA. All the the auditees to be informed well in advance. Once calendar has been blocked you are supposed to fix the audit schedule for each department identifying who will be the auditor and the audited. After completion of audit it is supposed to be made clear that observation found shall be brought into everyone and all the audited should take it as a step for improvement.

ISO 9001 Certification consultant in Mumbai should help you to Implement the standard end to end and help you to avail maximum benefit out from the standard. As a process owners you cannot spend time on Implementing instead as a helping hand you can hire the competent Consultant. Always make sure that you do not buy Certificate without implementing the standard.

What is the standard all about?

It is a one of the management system standard which has been developed by ISO which specifies the requirements on quality management system. It is one of the generic standards which can be applied to any organization. It focuses more on Improvement and customer satisfaction which results in increased quality of the services or products you deliver to your customers.

The standard has been recently revised in the year 2015 from 2008 version which was earlier following guide 83 formats and now it is following annexure SL format. ISO 9001 in Mumbai is now focusing more on risk based thinking and acts as a preventive tool.

How to get certified?

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Our advice, Go for it!!!

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