An Overview of California Employment Discrimination Law

By | June 26, 2017

Recently one of the most popular work related themes is employment discrimination not only in US states, but extremely worldwide.

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Residents of California State are offered more protections under the California employment discrimination employee rights, as compared to any other province. You can find a lot of employment opportunities and enjoy it as long as you can prove your mettle. The California employment discrimination law for employee rights guarantees and protect your privileges in this regard. Department of Fair Employment and Housing is responsible to enforce California discrimination at work law for employee’s rights. If you are an employee, the statutes of this law are designed to protect you from harassment and discrimination. The essence of this law is that employees have a right to work and employers do not have the right to discriminate, based on anything other than qualification and performance.

Most employers within California, particularly those with 50 or more employees are within the ambit of California employment discrimination law for employee rights. The law prohibits or limits the use of language within a workplace unless it is necessary for business, thereby allowing an employee from another country to speak in their native tongue unless English is demanded for business. The law warrants offers reasonable accommodations incase of disabilities and illnesses including special chairs, desks, ramps and other devices that can enable an employee to properly perform duties, thereby protecting from employment discrimination due to disabilities and illness.

The law further states that employers have should be allowed leaves up to four months on grounds of medical conditions, childbirth or pregnancy. California employment discrimination law for employee rights entails that employers strive to develop a work place workplaces harassmentfree zones including hostile work environment employment discrimination due to sexual bigotry. The law strictly states that hiring must be based on qualifications and merits and not prohibited criteria, such as race, color or religion.

California employment discrimination law for employee rights prohibits retaliation against plaintiff who has sought relief under the provision of the law. The law also provides fines and compensation for employees who have faced employment discrimination. The law has provision for front pay and ordered promotions, reinstatement, attorney fees and back pay. California employment discrimination law clearly implicates employee rights, but certain federal statutes do not.

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