All Your Questions About AT&T SIM Card Answered

By | June 13, 2017

Travellers are always confused with which network to ensure uninterrupted communication throughout their foreign trip. We have tried answering some of the most common questions related to one of the strongest network operator in the USA region – AT&T. Read on to find answers your answers.

Will my cell phone work with AT&T internationally?

Yes, a majority of cell phones that have quad band work with an AT&T prepaid SIM card internationally. Not just USA, it will also work in regions of Canada and Mexico. However, there are some exceptions such as pay as you go phones and older handsets.

How strong is its coverage overseas?

Coverage is no more an issue in urban as well as rural areas. Nevertheless, if you are in deep jungle or middle of an ocean, expecting strong coverage is insane. Undoubtedly, AT&T serves its users with the best quality network coverage even in suburban areas of the foreign countries.

How would I know if my cell phone is unlocked?

You won’t know this unless and until you test your phone with a different SIM. If you insert a T-Mobile SIM, and it works, yours is an unlocked mobile. In most cases, an AT&T phone comes locked specially when bought from AT&T. If you want to unlock your phone, call your provider two days in advance and ask them to unlock it as soon as possible. Usually, it takes a day or two to unlock your AT&T mobile. Now, you can easily use another prepaid SIM in UK.

Will my GSM phone support AT&T?

If you have a GSM-based mobile, it will atomically support AT&T network. Make sure, it has a frequency of 900-1800 MHz, or else it won’t work overseas. There is not much to worry about it, as almost all smartphones are compatible with the frequency and GSM-based.

If I have an AT&T phone, can I use it for free overseas?

Yes, it is possible. Ensure that your incoming calls are directed to Google Voice or voice mail and then switch off your data or 3G. You can then use your phone for Wi-Fi and make free voice and video calls over Skype, send text messages over WhatsApp for free and even browse the web for any kind of help or information.

How can I avoid roaming in the foreign country?

If you have an AT&T SIM as your domestic network, you will automatically be on roaming when you leave your place. The most easy and convenient way to avoid hefty charges of roaming is to unlock your cell phone and purchase a local SIM card. You can then make calls, send text messages, browse the Internet at affordable rates by recharging with the exclusive prepaid plans.

Hopefully, now you know almost everything about the most accepted prepaid card in regions of the USA, Canada and Mexico. Nevertheless, if you feel this won’t work for your need, you can anytime switch to a pay as you go SIM card in the UK.

Happy Traveling! 🙂

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